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"Lost Path" Art Edition CD

"Lost Path"
Art Edition CD in collaboration with CYRIL HELNWEIN

This 21x21cm art folder with photographs by Cyril Helnwein includes a CD with new Cadaverous Condition track "Lost Path".
Limited edition.
All folders will be handnumbered and will be signed by Cyril Helnwein.

This art edition and CD is exclusively produced for the opening night of the CYRIL HELNWEIN "Lost Garden" exhibition in April 2016 at Ho Gallery, Vienna.

You are very welcome to attend the opening night of the exhibition or visit at a later date.


For those who are not able to make it to the exhibition but are interested in the Art Edition CD and want to buy one, you can get them directly from us.

Visit our shop here.

This is really a nice item to own and we are very proud of the new song (in fact this is the first new CC song since the "Burn Brightly Alone" album).

Join us on the Lost Path.

Cadaverous Condition

Cyril Helnwein



Alone I Will Travel In Time Tonight