when you feel grief and lone all others appear so happy
the weather then is beautiful, all could be so well
and if your world falls apart all around seems laughter
all those fragments fragile, now and hereafter


today I feel great
finally I've found you
we have a great time, a time sublime
we let the days sparkle
we make the nights glow

today I feel great, finally I´ve found it
we get drunk on Martini at the Peach Pit
and tomorrow we crush the pigeons on the place
your spirit smiles away my melancholy face

every morning I will say:
"I love you till my heart dies"
and "most beautiful
are your eyes"

today I feel so great in all I do
a time supreme, runes I read in the yew
we lie in the grass interpreting the clouds
we indulge in misanthropy, laugh away the doubts

every morning I will say...

but hoping is futile
and wishing in vain
to you all the best
PS: "all the stars are dead now"


look at the cat, it flies above my head
how will you live, how will you like it
look at the cat, it flies above your head
I can seldom be with you, I´m in doubt

sorry I can´t promise you a world without fools
and please beware of all the lies
oh I´m sorry child that love is not luck
pain in severance and pleasure in sighs

city lights are wonderful, so is the wood in spring
of home you think when you´re away, there´s woe
in everything
and I tell you it is beautiful now to be alone
but only in the knowledge to have someone later on

and the real nightmares are the dreams of joy and of wealth
for then you´ll wake in belief of all these dreamed things you
don´t have

it seems that we gained a bit of immortality
I will always have with you this piece of eternity

look at the child it has your face and mine
look now it smiles, somewhere in time


outside we sit at night and watch the stars and satellites
then we go inside, warm up our hands but not
the chill in my heart

harmony harmony harmony
will never be
harmony tragedy

outside we stand by day, feel the vastness, feel the wind
that casts away the clouds after rain, but not the sorrow
in my eye

and if harm comes your way, count on me I´ll
wash away the fools
because my blind love evokes my blind hate
and that´s alright for this is.......

and do we talk about all this dread, a nothing life
a nothing future
then we let the sun shine away your fears
but not the sorrow in my mind


now you don´t see me
I have closed my eyes
but now I am lost
you closed your eyes

despair dancing in my heart
as I ran to escape my tears

I, I am alone, there is no God where I am

rise, the memories
now, I´m far away
feel, it´s all so useless
I, I blame life for all this

I´m jealous, coming to grief
sometimes I´m not afraid
sometimes I wish you my pain
and sometimes I hate

and if I was a cat
I would stare all the time
with depth in my eyes
right into your stars

time flashes in your eyes
something bigger than life


later as we say goodbye
I realize, all is well for her
it´s 3 a.m. and I don´t know that
my reason to live is soon to come

come with me, my horizon widened
dawn comes fast and the birds sing loud
my eyes are coloured with the red
that´s on the sky and the clouds

I see it all through a romantic haze
and wait to be cut again
by the not so fair
the barbed and poisoned dart of Cupid

tell me what friends are for
I hate all my sadness songs
my dreams are difficult and they
depend on and collapse with yours

later as we say goodbye
I realize, all is well for her
it´s "I don´t know" and I don´t care
but a reason to live is yet alive

come with me to complete my life
night comes fast and the air is warm
my eyes are filled with the kissing,
glancing, loving, bleeding, singing...

may your pains be softened
may your throes be driven away
may your pains be softened
there are things that wash me away


I suffer under your and my dead stars
everything I´d give you, all behind my eyes
just call my name and I´ll be with you
I call your name and there´s not much
you would do

I suffer under your and my dead stars
memories are wounds, they kill me every day
all the stars shine bright tonight
one reason to live and one to die

and never forget, the pain felt
your and my stars are dead dead dead

again I´m waiting, once more I´m falling
down, left behind, I´m passing time
oh it´s killing me and
I listen to the radio as I try to sleep

I suffer under your and my dead stars
I fall under your and my dead stars
call my name and I´ll be with you
I die under your and my dead stars

I´ll never forget the pain felt


hey let´s make it real
to immortalize how we feel
the wound "life" to forever heal
and noone´s left our love to steal

you, stranger, non greek and the wild
I gave you all my time

I remember a time, as time ran through
my fingers like sand
and sometimes the earth is a disc for sure
but I was only thinking of you

I thought I climbed higher than I´ve ever been
but now I fall from heights I´ve never seen
everything is wrong

you say we don´t belong


come to me, please come to me
take my heart, fill up my soul
take me out and take me in
take my hand, let it all begin
(and then let all fall down)

all shall be well
but not for me

of what I tell in the rhyme
they don´t feel, they never do
the ever bleating fools
in this world it´s plain to see
they are luckier than me
the ever bleating fools
Lackey´s tunes are beautiful
his words are, too
but not for you
the ever bleating fools
some will never understand
anything or everything
or what to do
the ever bleating fools


a streak of black against the grey
it feels like sunday everyday
and there is noone left to phone
well, if there ever was someone

it is cold outside
and the snow lights up the night
and I loved you more than life

I had so many plans, many dreams, so much hope
you don´t know how I feel, you´ll never know
but tell me what can happen now, when things
change fast
tumble down and fall apart, you´ll never understand

emptiness to touch, here in black, here in blue
I do nothing else but feeling all the day

and I hold your hand
the stars form elhaz
only I can see it

but you are beside me
and you feel happy, too
and all the sorrows you will bring
lie hidden now


"everything is alright" you said
"it was all just a joke" you smiled
and I felt happy, I felt released
but as I woke this dream did cease

yet Carcassonne was never so far
Sandra and a swastika

it´s all so dog damned real
your words cut me down
wake me when it´s over

I see you in the mirror lying naked on the bed
you closed your eyes and dreams take you away

"everything is alright" she said
"it was only a joke" she laughed
I felt so happy, I felt released
but as I woke the dream deceived

I mess up the days of the week
the radio rocks me to poisoned sleep

I see you in the mirror lying naked on the bed
you closed your eyes and dreams take you away
why do I so often think about what could have been
when it is not
it all just sounds like Nine While Nine


Written by The Undertones