Format: CD
Released: 2001
Label: Perverted Taste
Cat.No.: PT 041


  1. The Moon And The Scars
  2. youngBlood
  3. Time
  4. The Lonely Have No Right To Share The Summer Sun
  5. The Lesser Travelled Seas
  6. Tesco Girl
  7. I Came To Leave
  8. Lead Me
  9. First Song
  10. Arrival
  11. Heaven Street
  12. The Nothing Out Of Me
  13. A Dream Within A Dream

May - October 2000

Wolfgang Weiss
René Kramer
Jürgen Weinhofer
Manfred Bayer
Paul Droneberger

Richard Leviathan: spoken vocals
Matt Howden: violin

all songs by CC, except “Time” by CC / R. N. Taylor and “Heaven Street” by Death In June

recorded and mixed at Noirmont Point by Andreas Dockl and at Future Studios by Michael Strasser and Axel Rab
mastered by Strasser and Rab at Future Studios

artwork by Gregor Traversa

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