"in power we entrust the love advocated"

I embrace you, I embrace you
let me watch, your feline dance
I embrace you, I embrace you
do you feel, the feline eyes

and I watched you in your sleep
this piece of heaven by my side
I wished it could forever be
spend my life by your side
the ecstasy I feel
when I look into your eyes
you could make life worth living
so I say

you wake up in the morning
and I smile for you
believe me, I would forever do

I embrace you, I embrace you
let me watch, your feline dance
I embrace you, I embrace you
do you feel, the feline eyes

and the world is cold
but I think I´ll get trough
I wished it could have been
my weakness, you
the melancholy I feel
when I fall into your eyes
you could make death worth trying
still I´d swear

you wake up in the morning
and I smile for you
believe me, I would forever do

again I´m alone, left in despair
"just drive out of here and then stop anywhere"
please do not let all fall to pieces
just throw your present life away

again I am hurt, again I wait
"we have to go, it´s getting late"
tears of joy would be something new
a kiss and a smile, tears for you

just remember that all I said was true and honestly meant
I´d stay with you until the end


"tears run from my feline eyes"

did you ever know
you, so far away
waiting for an answer
waiting for another time
some kind of heaven
let your depths shine
the heartland may be flooded
the spire never drowns

just like the place
I always long for
to know I´ll never reach
never reach you
thoughts and memories
are remedies to get a glimpse
of this light
I raise my arms toward

once more lights
everywhere anytime with you or you
oh do I dare
in the narrow next time
oh do I get
a next time at all
just take me out
I will try again


"this is my heaven and this is my hell"

where are the depths that make me fall into
where is the walk that made me fall with you
where are the depths, at them I stare
where is the walk that made me dare
where are those impressions that I knew
now all I have are memories of you
where are those eyes, so near
where is sometime ago

I crucify my sadness
but just like Jesus it remains
I bury my tears
but I know the seeds are fertile
passion isn´t everlasting
thoughts rise anyway
I set my memories on fire
will-o´-the-wisps never guide a way

55 years ago a god departed
today for me another life has started
I drown in my own sorrow, revel in my mind
I let my tears rain down on me and say it´s beautiful

and I will travel down and I won´t care
some kind of angel looked into my eyes
I drown in my own sorrow, revel in my mind
I let my tears rain down on me and say it´s beautiful

the eyes, here and now and I die
filled with tears born in your eyes, I don´t cry
delirium, on your side, pass away
oh please don´t take it all away


written by Hussey/Eldritch (The Sisters Of Mercy)


"may the angel not become a stranger"

there was a time, beautiful
sorrow I feel now
hope I feel, too
and still I feel love for you

there was a time, remember
and you, what do you feel
all this, all this is for you
so I hope you remember it, too

such a lot of things I confessed
now I´m in a place called emptiness
all this for one, for you to see
you took my hand, led me to eternity
I will not forget

the Flower, the Flower, the Flower, my heart
see how a feeling can shatter me
the Flower, the Flower, the Flower, apart (a part)
my tears, my soul, for you, please see

see my hand it trembles, I call your name
everything with you, with you again
give me something to remember
look at me, I weep, I remember
may you always be

the Flower, the Flower, the Flower, save me (again)
you are the angel to rise above
the Flower, the Flower, the Flower, for me
you, the Flower, the one I love


"nowhere will be world, but inside"

there could be a future, I see it bright, I don´t see it clear
there is a place, I´m part of it with you
there is joy and all the pleasure
and there is also something I longed for

I´d give it all up, I´d throw it all away
but all that´s left is me here in despair
hear the serenade
this serenade of my soul
my tearful words for you to shine

maybe you are present right now
and maybe I point at you right now
and if you are not
I wish it would be
that you would listen to my wail

I want to wave farewell to my lament
forget all my pain, my waking hours
I´ll wake you in the morning
in a time when luck is mine
I await a time for me to shine


"and I know the world is cold"

landscapes in my psyche
the dying do not cry
driven apart and blown away
ohne Dich wird es Nacht

a tear, blood from my soul
I think, therefore I cry
for you, hear me
ohne Dich wird es Nacht

if psychic balance is a sheltered palace
see myself lost in the garden outside

waiting for someone to come out
what do you do so far away
you are there in another life

and your December dreams, your thoughts are mine
I see Jesus behind a window-pane upstairs

a part of this is a bit of you
and when you wake up in the morning
I´ll be the one who smiles for you

I fade for the Flower like an unfulfilled dream
may you always remain to shine like I have seen
I fade like a flower, like someone on a cross
lit up, brought down, but love does cost


"das was wir lieben müssen wir lassen,
nur das Leid ist lang"

you have my words, you know my thoughts
you have it all, all for you
blackness all around, your hand took mine
you know it, too, the Flower, remember
words are hard to find, to catch the spirit
that charmed my soul, that crippled me
that piece of life you held, you mesmerize it still
it haunts me all the time, you are in my dreams

you remain may it be again
you remain eyes as the rain
you remain time in pain
you remain I wait in vain

I´ve cried for you, I cry for you
why can´t it be alright, why can´t it be forever
it is disillusioned, but still I don´t know
I can´t see through, what do you do


-I am in your dreams
the ones able to be recalled
and those disremembered
and the ones that don´t come true

you wish that those fragments may not dissolve
for there are some
there is one
who can make this picture whole-

eyes and hearts and thoughts to see
my life, a hand to hold, to be
tears reign in heaven, rain for me
oh lead me back to ecstasy

tears fall on the Flower, fall on you
tears fall on the angel, fall on you

I´d give it all up, now, for you
(please) return the joy when I´m with you
give me a souvenir that reminds me of you
I´m standing here and I think of you

some of us are precious, some of us feel pain
in my mind, you remain
I call your names, all the more I feel (the sorrow)
I reach out for, may I not feel (the stranger and the fear)



"so versprecht ihr euch Ewigkeit
fast von der Umarmung"

watch me, it sears me
and then take my hand
hear me, oh listen
and then take my hand

every dream deepens the despair
all my cries hidden in lair
and now I let, I let them free
free them all, it´s too late for me
every morning lights up another pain
my thoughts stay all the same
come with me, don´t leave me here forlorn
sometimes I tend to wish I wouldn´t have been born

when will golden eyes shine for me
stare at me, goatsuckers shriek
I see so many pictures come and go
all those impressions rise and flow
away through your eyes
oh look deep, see the wishes hidden
my dawn with you, far away with you
all this and more is in me
to be, to see, depart with me

I, I don´t know
what have you done
and I, I would say
all, all away
for you


"I am alone: there is no God where I am"

pass the fields of white
leave the dead behind
so many impressions that night
everything surrounded by tears

and you in the north/south
this place and eyes, my life
may it never fade
the memory and the photograph

waiting a train
waiting a hill
waiting again
waiting still

and I wait

waiting past

and I wait

I come back
memories by my hand
angels by my side
to watch over this lights


"raindrops taste like tears,
without the pain"

tell me that your stars have not died
tell me that your eyes do not lie

join me, in my dance
St. Vitus Dance
on this cliff
oh see me, see me dawn
in my excess
yet fearful, threatened me
and if, you wish
under your stars
under your stars I confess
someone to raise
to raise my soul
all alone
as I´m sitting in the rain
my eyes, full of tears
so is the rain
do drops bring the pain
in the black, hear my call
see me fall
do you think the same
and I know, that there is
something like I heart
that´s torn apart
let me see, let me see you
all the pain
when will I be through


written by S. Eicher (Grauzone)