Format: CD
Released: 1995
Label: Lethal Records
Cat.No.: LRC 23


  1. M
  2. Tryst
  3. A Song For
  4. All The Vastness
  5. What The Moon Brings
  6. In June, As I Killed Time
  7. Your And My Dead Stars
  8. I Love You
  9. The Ever Bleating Fools
  10. Cold...
  11. And Then Forgotten
  12. Teenage Kicks

April 1995

Wolfgang Weiss
René Kramer
Peter Droneberger
Paul Droneberger

Nick Saloman: spoken vocals
Hagen: backing vocals

all songs by CC, except “Teenage Kicks” by The Undertones

recorded at Cosmix Studios
produced and mixed by Cornelius Dix

cover artwork by Gregor Traversa

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